10 Random Thoughts

June 14, 2017

1.  Lemmon has not slept in past 6:30 once this vacation 😓 I don’t know how I am functioning! There’s no such thing as sleeping in on vacation with a child, right? 😉
2. Why do bean and cheese burritos taste better in California by the beach? Seriously, I can eat one every single day and be happy. Ooops!
3.  I have been in bed before 10 every night. Haven’t done that in forever! Maybe that’s how I’m functioning. haha.
4. Lemmon’s first birthday is in 2.5 months and I am still at a loss for what kind of party to do for her. We are taking her to Disneyland in October, but we still need to party in August. Any ideas?
5. I think when we get back home, I’m going to get Lemmon a kiddie pool for the backyard. That girl could play in water all day if I let her.
6. I ordered the cutest distressed jean shorts for California and the reviews said to order a size bigger. So I did. And they are like 3 sizes to big! I’m so bummed and hate returning things.
7. Our adoption is officially done! Wooohoo!! We are just waiting for a new birth certificate with her new last name! I think we will throw a party when that comes in the mail 😉
8. I probably tear up about 5 times a day reading some peoples direct messages of how Lemmon’s adoption has impacted their lives. Or just simply how Lemmon’s pictures make their day.
9. I think I’ve spent half my budget on Nektar out here. Lemmon loves it to though!
10. The Squeeze has learned where her nose and mouth are in spanish. Proud mama moment right there! I never thought I would have a bilingual child.

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