June 25, 2018

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I have always loved working out, but didn’t feel like I got into a good routine till about a year before Lemmon was born. Then along came The Squeeze and my world (including my workout routine) got flipped upside down. I had to let go of a lot of stuff, but my workout routine could not be one of them! I seriously feel so much better after a good workout and my day goes so much smoother I feel. Plus, as silly as it sounds, when I don’t workout that day, my energy levels are so low. So, here are 5 things I do to keep me motivated and excited to workout!
1. Set a goal/Sign up for a race
I LOVE running! It’s such a great release for me. I love signing up for half marathons and working towards it. Half marathons are not cheap! (Try $90-$150!) I feel like if I payed that much I better be working my butt of to be ready the day of the race. Last year I din’t run a half marathon but I did run a few 5k’s which helped me keep my lower mileage up. This year I was planning on running the AF canyon half marathon but with the adoption, we decided it was smart we save the money for something else. So, I am training for our Adoption 5k Hold yourself accountable by signing up for a race or an event. If you don’t run, then set a goal in the gym to do a specific amount of reps or even a stretch. For me, the incentive is that I hit it (I am a big goal reacher and just love the sense of accomplishing something) or maybe treat yourself with a new workout outfit, shopping trip, vacation, etc. But always set a goal.
2. Gym Daycare
Okay, I know I may get some opinions about this one. But hear me out. I don’t drop Lemmon off at a babysitter everyday, or a daycare (and I am totally not against doing so) but that limits her interaction with kids her age and even adults. It’s just homegirl and I at home and as much as I love her being obsessed with me, I really want her to have good social skills. Lemmon has been going to the gym daycare since she was 8 weeks old. She LOVES it there!! She can play, color, hangout with other kids and she learns so much! I feel responsible to get her their every week so she has that interaction. I feel so bad if she hasn’t gone in a few days and she has been stuck with me. Whether it’s dropping your kids off at a friends/family members house, make your kids involved too. Even if it’s going to the local high school and running the track so your kids can be out doors too. Have them be apart of your workout!
3. Cute Workout Clothes
I LOVE fashion! Always have, and that includes gym clothes. I feel like since I do more intense stuff in them then my normal street clothes, they need to be good quality. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Forever21 stuff, but I notice that those wear the fastest. I need something cute, good quality and not going to break the bank. I have LOVED Zyia workout clothes! Especially the tops! I love to have some basic color bottoms in my closet and then a lot of fun tops. Zyia is soo comfy and great quality! Invest in some cute, good quality clothes! Trust me, it’ll motivate you to workout more and be excited to go. Anytime I get a new workout outfit, I want to workout right away! It’s really motivating, I promise 😉
4. Supplements
This may not be for everyone, but personally I love when I get new pre-workout or new protein. Right now I am taking Shatter (I was taking C4 for a really long time) and I do like it. I do have to be careful how much I take or it makes me sick. I get really excited to try out new supplements, to see which ones will give me the most “umph” I used to not take a pre-workout or even good protein (hello Carnations protein haha) and let me tell you, I’ve not only noticed a huge difference in my energy levels but I noticed it helped the look of my body too. I like to have obvious muscle, my goal is to be more “cut” and a good pre and protein have helped a ton! Now there are other supplements to but I am still learning so much haha. But find yourself good supplements that work for your body and it will get you excited to workout to try it all out.
5. The Result
I am a big results person. I LOVE seeing results. I love seeing peoples (HONEST) before and afters. I don’t do waist trimmers ( I have no clue what they are called haha), I don’t do the whole “I ate a tic tick for lunch everyday” thing. Good honest, hard working results. It motivates me to workout even harder or try something new out. I love looking up different exercises on pinterest or asking my husband (he’s a walking encyclopedia for the gym) I love asking him how to get a certain muscle to grow or be more cut. I have been using Emily Jackson’s running guide and I love that if I do certain things in her book, my results will be amazing! Think of the end goal and the results and keep that in mind!
I get a lot of curious questions about our workout routine. I will share later some specific workouts I do for abs and arms (my most asked question) but here is our workout schedule for now:
Mondays: Gym (Bi’s & Abs)
Tuesdays: Run (3-5 miles)
Wednesdays: Gym (Shoulders & Abs)
Thursdays: Run (3-5 miles)
Fridays: Gym (Tri’s or legs & Abs)
Saturdays: Long Run (5-8 miles *if I’am not training for a race)
*I do my best to workout everyday but usually miss one day bc of a playdate or something. But to me that’s totally fine. 
*I personally workout abs everyday bc that is my hardest area to tone. And abs are the fastest to recover)
*I don’t workout legs if I am training for a race. Training is enough on them ha! 

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  1. Rie Rie says:

    I'll have to check out Emily Jackson's running guide. I just randomly picked strength training workouts from Pinterest for years, but now I focus on runners strength training. Either Kara Goucher's book, or different professional runners to see what they do for work outs. Running and cross training too.

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