5 Tips On Staying Motivated To Work Out

September 23, 2021

With the colder months coming through, I thought it would be the perfect time to share what I like to do to keep me motivated with working out. I know for me it get’s a little hard to get myself out of bed when it’s so cold and move my body. That’s why OpenFit is seriously the best! You are able to workout when you want, where you want (at home in your living room, or find a beautiful park for some Yoga)I’ve found if I did these 5 things then I’m less likely to miss a workout! Clink the link HERE for a 21 day free trial!

  1. Lay out my workout clothes the night before (**and any supplements)

It’s one less thing that you have to worry about in the morning and aren’t waisting time searching for an outfit to wear. That way everything is laid out right there for you and you’re not scrambling for clean socks in the morning.

2. Have a good workout planned

I LOVE OpenFit! All I have to do is know what I want to workout for the day and OpenFit does the rest! There are tons of different workouts to choose from, including some simple stretching or yoga. My personal favorite is the ‘Strong and Solid’ by Lita Lewis. The best part is that OpenFit workouts are just 30 minutes! So you’ll be able to fit in a full workout in!

3. Have a partner

I personally love doing my workouts with a friend (or even my kids!) This is another reason I love OpenFit. You’re able to drop into live classes with other people and stay motivated with the trainer and other participants. Having someone encourage you helps so much!

4. Know when you’re working out

Everyday is so different with schedules! Especially as a mom! Sometimes I workout super early, sometimes it’s later in the day, but either the night before or the morning of I have a time where I know I’m working out. OpenFit classes are available at anytime of the day or night. This way you are able to fit your workout in at your own schedule, no matter how chaotic it is!

5. Set a goal

I am super big on goals! Whether it be a half marathon, or getting in an extra OpenFit class that week (Classes are unlimited for $8-$10 a month **billed annually) My current favorite goal is to have certain OpenFit classes that I want to complete that week/month or even their programs are great goals to reach! Setting goals keeps you pushing yourself throughout the week! Then accomplishing them feels that much better knowing you pushed yourself!

Doing these 5 things definitely helps me to stay motivated to workout and keep my body moving! I am so excited because OpenFit has offered my readers 21 days free trial by clinking this LINK. It’s the perfect start to reaching your workout goals!

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