A Letter to the Yearning Mother

May 10, 2017
To the yearning mom,
Cry. Cry for your unborn child. Cry that it isn’t fair. Cry because you just need to cry. But after your done crying, REMEMBER. Remember that he is God. That he will not fail you. That he will bless you with the real intents of your heart. Cry, but then REMEMBER.
I cried. I cried a ton! For some reason, only one Mother’s day (the Mother’s Day before we received Lemmon) was the hardest for me. And I realized that’s when the Lord was really breaking me down because he was ready for me to be who he wanted me to be. I was on my knees more then the usual morning and night and each time ended with tears. But tears of peace and happiness. Because I wasn’t alone. I don’t know how I could have gone through those years without my God. 
But after I cried because it wasn’t fair, or because I didn’t understand or just simply because, I felt stronger, like I could face this “monster” head on. I’m glad I cried because it led me to be humble and brought me to my knees. If I didn’t cry then I wouldn’t have known how to comfort those who also cried, I wouldn’t know how to really and I mean REALLY communicate with my Father in Heaven. 
So, this Mother’s Day, cry! It hurts and it sucks, but REMEMBER! Remember to get on your knees so you can become stronger.

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