Adoption Gifts

August 8, 2021

When Riley and I found out we were matched with Lemmon’s Birth Mom, as soon as we landed in New Orleans we quickly ran to Target and put bath bombs, lotion, candy, honestly random stuff in our cart. We looked at it all and just knew that this was not the gift that we wanted our birth mom to remember that sacred week by.

In our opinion, a “birth mom gift” should be something memorable. Something that they will look at and see love and connection. Each of our birth moms received something different because our relationship with them was different. I know that these gifts are given in the hospital so you really don’t have much time to get to know them. But you’ll be able to tell the type of relationship you guys will all grow to have.

I put together a few ideas that we have used and some other good ideas we had on our list as well. Some of these you need to think of before hand, while others you can quickly run our and grab right before hand or while you’re at the hospital


This is one you will have to order before hand. I love Made By Mary jewelry because you can customize it to make it a little more special. Plus, you can’t go wrong with her pieces because they are so dainty. We also love Alex and Ani bracelets. These aren’t as trendy anymore, but I absolutely love the meaning behind them. I wear mine daily and actually get myself one when we adopt each girl to remind me of that specific time


This one takes is very last minute but can be easily done and is so sentimental. We did this for one of our birth dad’s and he LOVED it! You usually spend 2-4 days in the hospital and you take over a thousand pictures that first day you’re there. We sent over pictures to Costco (Walgreens and some Walmart’s do same day developing) of our birth parents with the baby and hurried and picked up some frames at Target ( you can purchase frames before you even go to the hospital) They loved this because they had something that they could see daily and remember their baby girl.

Minky Couture Blanket

You can’t go wrong with a soft big Minky! I love this one because you can get a design that reminds you of them or your time with them. It’s something they will use everyday and constantly remember the memories they had when they were with you for those few days. (**Use code KASHIA45)


I love this one because you can add something to this. I always write our birth mom’s a special letter when I get them their gift. Sometimes it’s just easier to get down your thoughts on paper then saying them out loud. For one our birth mom’s I encouraged her to keep a journal during her pregnancy so she could give it to the baby once she was old enough. These words are sometimes a great way for our kids to feel connected to their birth families and that they were thought of and loved through those years.

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