Adoption Q&A Part 2

May 30, 2017
***You can find our Adoption Q&A Part 1 HERE***
On our way to meet our birth mom and bring The Squeeze home

5. For people that aren’t religious, are there agencies for us?

YES! I recently saw an agency looking for an adoptive family with no religious preference (birth mom’s choice) Our agency and others that we looked at did not have a religious preference that we needed to be. I’m pretty sure our birth mom didn’t know we were LDS (it says in our paper work) she just loved that we loved God. There are agencies were they ask that you have certain religious requirements but I know our agency didn’t and the other ones we looked at were the same. Most birth mom’s just want their babies to be loved and raised in a good home 🙂
6. How did you decide to adopt a baby in the U.S. verse outside of the country?
When we first wanted to adopt, we started looking into other countries but soon learned how hard it is to get pass the countries embassy and the cost that goes into it. It is possible, of course! But we didn’t have the money or time. You do need to pay for your transportation out there and yours and the child’s back to your country. Some countries require for you to live out there for a certain time. Some wont release a child until you have officially adopted them and then they need to stay in their country for x amount of time. I love watching couples stories who have adopted outside of the county! It’s a miracle of an adoption!

Our first family picture!!

7. How do you get over the fear of having a “tough baby”? i.e. Were you aware of the biological mother’s habits? Is that all out in the open?
Please don’t think this question is shallow, because we had the same question and our incredible therapist answered it perfectly! If we could have gotten pregnant on our own then how would we know our baby wouldn’t be a “tough baby”? Touche! Each child has their own personality and will do things different then you and I. If you mean drugs/alcohol problems? Yes, we are aware of any of that! We were presented with a birth mom were the baby was on drugs. We had to really think and pray hard about our decision with that case. The birth mom can disclose as much information or as little as she wants. Some babies come with zero information. We were lucky enough to sit with our birth mom for a couple days and pick her brain as much as we could. And we loved that! Lemmon will be able to know so much about her birth mother and even herself!
8. How much does it cost?
HUGE question! Our number one question we asked! But it’s hard bc adoption can vary. I’ve seen cases start at $4,000 and go to $50,000. It depends on if you are private or with an agency. We knew that going private would be A LOT cheaper but we would and will pay our agency all over again with how incredible and fast our experience was. 

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