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March 22, 2018
I am such a shopaholic for The Squeeze! And I love for her to wear unique items. That being said, I don’t like to spend a fortune on her outfits and toys. Especially since she grows out of them or gets bored real fast. So, amazon has been my go to! This is not sponsored at all, I just really love good deals and not something you see every kid wearing at the park 😉 I get tons of questions about sizing, condition, etc. So I thought I would share with you our reviews of some items we have purchased!
This romper runs HUGE! She’s wearing the 2T and I had to tie it in the back and also roll it up at the legs. She will hopefully fill it out a little more at the end of summer. It is pretty decent quality for being $8. It doesn’t have snaps at the crotch, which is a bummer, but it’s easy to slip on and off.
I fell in love with these because they are a replica of the mini melissas but a fraction of the cost! They say to go a size up because they run TTS.  Get their normal size. I ordered them in the red color in a size 7 and they were huge, but I loved them so much so I would stuff them with socks haha! So I bought them in black in a size 6 (he normal size) and they fit great!! I will say, the red ones did have the bow fall off. But I only think that happened because they were so big and she kept getting caught on stuff because she couldn’t move them around. Her black ones still look great and she’s worn them multiple times. The snap has a hard time staying closed but it doesn’t bother her because they shoe still stays on.
Rapunzel Dress
Princess dresses are so expensive! Amazon had some really good deals around Christmas time. So we got her this one, this one and this one. They run TTS. We got her a size 2T and she’ll definitely be able to keep wearing it for a while. It is a little big on her right now so that means she steps on the dress which has made it rip at the waist. The bow also started to untangle. But for $20 it is a great dress up dress!
Runs small on the bottom and large at the top haha. If you look closely, the snaps at the crotch aren’t snapped all the way.. oops! It’s definitely cheaply made but it is super cheap in cost. You get what you pay for.

Floral Onesie | Studded Shoes
This onesie is so adorable! It fits TTS, I got Lemmon a size 18-24 months and she can wear it for a couple more months. It does have snaps on the bottom. And is really good quality.
These shoes are hands down my favorite purchase! I ended up buying them in the tan color first and loved them so much that I got the pink ones right away. Lemmon normally wears a size 6 so I ordered her a 6.5 so she has some room to grow into them. The only negative thing I would have to say about them, is on the pink ones, the velcro scratches her foot a little. But a little clear nail polish to cover it and smooth it out will make that go away.
Cutest kitchen you’ll ever see! We were able to get it on sale, so wait for a holiday to come and snag it then. Or just buy it now because it’s so dang cute! But fair warning, give yourself 4-6 hrs to assemble it. We thought we could whip it out in less then 2 hrs. NOPE! It’s super easy but literally comes with nothing put together. But so worth it!

I wanted a crisp white table for Lemmon and looked up so many reviews and this one had the best. She loves it and loves being such a “big girl” I think it definitely is worth the money. It was super easy to assemble and still looks brand new!

I wanted a “buggy” like stroller for Lemmon and this one was the cheapest one I could find. She loves it and I do too! It was so easy to assemble, it’s really easy to fold up. The only thing I don’t care for is the carrier, diaper bag and “mattress pads” . She doesn’t care for those, they have been sitting at the bottom of the toy box since we got them. Definitely a great stroller and she is obsessed with pushing her babies in it.
It runs about a size to small. I got Lemmon a size 18-24 months and she could only wear it once and that was pushing it haha. It’s super cute and good material considering the cost, but definitely size up!

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