Baby’s First Month Favorites

May 26, 2019

When we had Lemmon, it all was so fast that we hurried to the closest Target and grabbed whatever was the cheapest and in stock. Which lead to a lot of returns or things falling apart before we could get any good use out of them! With Honey, I knew we needed to invest in nicer and possibly a little more pricier items. I’ve narrowed it down to the things I’ve absolutely loved her first month! (If you click on the title of each item, it will take you directly to their site)

Design Dua Bassinet

We put our bassinet right next to my side of the bed every night (we all know Riley doesn’t wake up for any noise ha!) and it’s the best thing just to lean over and grab her. Then after her feeding, I just put her back in her bassinet and rock her to sleep. I love it because I can also take the bassinet out of the rocker and bring her outside with me or in a separate room. For a bit there, I was bringing the bassinet in the bathroom with me while I showered. I was still a little hesitant to leave Lemmon with her alone, haha. The Design Dua Bassinet is perfect in size too and not an eye sore. I love keeping it out in my living room during the day because it’s so darling and Honey can just hang out in it.

Mountain Buggy Double Stroller

I was extremely picky with my stroller this time around. With Lemmon, that was one of the purchases that we should have waited on. We have the single and double jogging stroller and OMG! Best one hands down. I will be honest and say I was a little hesitant about the side by side, but Mountain Buggy Double Stroller is as wide as their single stroller. I don’t feel like I am pushing a massive bus and the best part is Lemmon can reach over and see Honey (it’s adorable!) We also got the bassinet attachment and the carseat adapters for it. LOVE the bassinet because I feel bad having Honey be in her carseat for the drive there and then all squished in the stroller. So it’s nice she can lay flat and stretch in the bassinet at well. The stroller is extremely smooth in movement and turn. I am excited to take the girls on runs with it, once it warms up

Mountain Buggy Carseat

This was another repurchase from Lemmon. I loathed her carseat and was on the hunt for a new one for Honey. I wanted something light weight, sleek looking and easy to clean. This one is it!! It also is sooo easy to take in and out of the car. I didn’t like Lemmon’s because it was such a hassle to clip in and out of the car attachment. I also love the sun visor on it and that it can detach when we aren’t needing it. Most light weight carseat in my book!

Bottle Holder

This is something we loved with Lemmon and ended up storing for our next baby. It is so easy to clean and holds everything for us. I don’t mind it being on the counter because it’s a simple clean color and holds everything in a very organized way.

Hello Bello Wipes

Best wipes hands down! We have tried so many different wipes with Lemmon and they either were to water, to soapy, stuck together, smelt funny or were to dry. Hello Bello wipes are plant based wipes and do not drip water when pulling them out. Honey seems to have sensitive skin and she has had no reaction to these. We have repurchased them already for her!

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