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July 12, 2021

We just got back from Disneyland and both Palmer and I agree that it was the smoothest, most fun trip there that we have ever had! The girls were in great moods, we felt very prepared for the day and understood the new structure of how everything at the park worked. So, I wanted to share a few tips that made all of that possible!

  1. Line Bags

A few of you recommended that we bring activities for the girls to do while waiting in the long lines. We were fortunate enough to not have to wait longer then 30 minutes so the girls felt pretty occupied during those times. We grabbed a cute Minnie Mouse BackPack found here, and filled with it with things that were easy entertainment, not messy and things they don’t normally use on a day to day basis. Here’s what I packed:



*Special drawing pads

*Fun Chapstick

*Lollipops (dum dums because they are small enough to throw a few in)

*Hand Sanitizer

2. Snacks

We did bring quite a bit of our own snacks for those longer waits. Plus it was nice to have something to munch on real quick inbetween meals or if we didn’t want to grab a sugary treat from the Disney carts. We brought fishies, triscuits, cuties, graham cracker bears, and other random quick snacks.

3. Time

We initially wanted to arrive at the park at opening but 2 toddlers + dropping off a baby was a lot to do 😂 We arrived at 9:00 and entered the park around 9:30. Honestly, it was still perfect! The crowds were minimal and all the characters were out greeting people still. Do remember you have to either walk or take a Disney bus. Trams are not going yet! We parked in the Toy Story parking and the line to get on their bus was outrageous so we decided to walk and it was not bad at all! We had our double stroller so the girls sat in it while we made the small trek up. It took us about 15-20 minutes to walk over, then another 5 minutes to get through security, then another 10 minutes to get into the park. So make sure your factoring parking, and ticket line into it all. We also left at closing and yes, it was crowded but not unbearable.

4. Food

Biggest and best tip we could have received was using the Disneyland App to order all of our food. At about 1-2 hrs before we thought we would be hungry, we would go to the app, pick a restaurant and order all of our food. There are half hour windows to go and pick up your food and if you are on a ride or just not hungry yet, you can push the window back. We did that for dinner because we were on a ride, and then we weren’t quite ready to eat. Once you are ready to go get your food, make sure you go back to the app and tell them you are ready and to prepare you food! The wait from there is usually about 5-10 minutes, depending on where you order from and the time you are looking at.

*** Order anything you think you’ll need for the kids. Milk, extra dressing, etc. A lot of the restaurants don’t have cashiers and I saw them turn away quite a bit of people.

5. Expectations

Right now things are a little different. We tried our best to give our kids a heads up of the things that they would notice. Characters are still social distancing. Meaning, you can only get about 10 feet to them (some are even farther) They do have a section where a few princesses come out and you can get a little closer where you can actually have a conversation with them. But don’t expect autographs, close up touching pictures and to much interaction. Also, lines, we noticed some lines were a little funky (like outside of the ride or some of the rows were skipped) my girl’s didn’t notice but with the heat, go prepared for that! They also didn’t do any parades when we were there, except for the fireworks and ending show, which was so magical!

All in all, our experience was the best one we’ve ever had! Disneyland has handled everything so well and is very accommodating to their guests! I received a few questions that were really good so I am sharing the answers below!

Q: Who took your pictures at Disneyland

A: My sister and nephew came with us so we had them take all of ours. I did bring a phone tripod just in case if she couldn’t come. Or if you’re comfortable, asking a worker is a great option too!

Q: What food did you all eat?

A: We LOVED the macaroons! AMAZING! We aren’t biggie foodies so we probably aren’t the right people to ask 😂 We definitely switched it up for each meal and tried different restaurants. A heads up, since they reopened, the portions are a lot smaller

Q: How many of the restaurants and attractions are open?

Honestly, we didn’t notice anything closed. There were a couple of rides closed due to maintenance (which is normal) but all the restaurants and rides were open

Q: Do you recommend leaving the park and coming back after naps?

My girls are great with sleeping on the go. Once we noticed they were at their limit, we laid the stroller back and walked around main street till they fell asleep. If you’re kids can’t nap on the go and a nap is a must then I suggest trying to leave and have them rest for a bit. Disneyland isn’t fun with an overly tired baby 😉

Q: What were the expenses you didn’t know about?

A: Remember, you do have to pay for parking. You’re not going to want to park on a random side street, you still have to walk back to your car and a lot of random side streets are known for car theft. Also, any random knick knacks your kids are going to want. We bought stuff on amazon before hand so they weren’t asking for every random bubble machine they saw. We did go into the store at the end of the day and let them pick out one toy as a souvenir. Also, remember food is very expensive in the park as well! All of this we already knew but only because it’s something that I grew up on.

Q: What rides could they go on?

A. Honey was a bit more limited since she’s still so young. But we knew that! She couldn’t go on any “roller coasters” or super fast rides (other then the tea cups) Lemmon is over the height limit so she can go on everything. I highly suggest measuring your child before you go so you can prepare them of the rides they can and can not go on. * When Lemmon was on a big kid ride, Riley or I would go take Honey on something else or to go visit a character. That way she wasn’t getting bored just sitting and waiting.

Q: Would you recommend going now?

A: Absolutely! Everything is pretty much the same but with a cap on the capacity and zero masks, so it’s a win win! Remember, as everything calms down more in California, the capacity will be raised. The longest we waited in line was 30 minutes, but we did see a few rides get up to 60 minutes (they did go back down at certain points of the day)

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