Goal Planning for 2019

January 10, 2019

2018 was not the year I had expected. I thought it would be quiet and not very much going on. Boy was I wrong! We decided around March that we would be starting our second adoption. This was not part of my plan, haha. But when you feel like it’s time, you listen! We were home study approved quickly and then started fundraising like crazy! I put 110% into and lost 10 lbs doing it. To say I was stressed out is an understatement haha. But it payed off and all though we didn’t hit the numbers we were hoping for, we were blessed with so much help and seeing the fruits from our labors come to life. Once the fundraising was done, we took tons of time as a family. I would say the last half of 2018 was the quiet I was hoping for 😉

I am so excited for 2019! I feel like this year will be a “happy” year. That’s our word for this year “Happy” We choose if we want to be happy or not and this year I want happiness in my home and my babies to feel that. I have been so excited to set goals and use my Harmony Planner to be organized and have it all in one place. I wanted to share a few goals I have and how this planner is helping me


I already go to the gym/workout 5 times a week but I definitely got burnt out the last few months of 2018. My goals for this year is to mix it up. I LOVE training for half marathons, so that is my number one goal. I’ll be running the Ogden Marathon in May and will start training in February. I am super excited to get back into training. I’ll be using this training guide to help me get a good time.

I also LOVE drinking water but want to make sure I am drinking enough. The Harmony Planner has a section just for your water intake. I have this tumbler and am about to order another one to keep in different parts of my house/car. I love these tumblers, they keep your water super cold


Riley and I have big goals for 2019 that will majorly affect 2020. The Harmony planner has a section just for your financial goals and even your budget for the month. Riley normally takes over the budgeting/bills portion of our family (it stresses me out so badly!) but I know that anything can happen so I am learning how to take over our finances (just in case) It feels pretty rewarding.


I have really slacked on cooking these last few months. Going along with our financial goals, we are setting a goal to only eat out once a week. So that means more dinners at home. The Harmony planner has a section for each day where you log what your meal is for the day. I think this will make meal planning so much easier. Rather then wondering what I bought for the week and if I can make a meal out of it.

2019 is the year I want to feel like stressed and be more organized and have a hold on things. When I don’t feel those things, I start to get lazy and my happiness is limited I feel like. I am definitely an organization, control type of person. I know I can’t control EVERYTHING, but if I can make sure I am doing what is right (goal planning, visually seeing these goals, reaching these goals) then everything else will fall into place.

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