Here We Go!

May 31, 2016
Welcome!! This little blog of ours has merely been just a thought and we can’t believe we are seeing it come to life. Some might think “Um guys, it’s just a blog. Everyone and their child (seriously) has a blog.” You are so right, but this blog means one more step closer to our dream for us. We have put so much thought and prayers into sharing our story and our journey through it all.
We are so excited and thankful to announce we are ADOPTING! It brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps to know that our time is here. It has taken a few years for us to get to this place, even just sharing it with others, and we are so excited that we can now!
We know there are so many questions that everyone has. We really hope we can answer them all for you, but we hope that you also understand how sacred and personal some things are to us and we are not ready to share yet. Maybe one day we will or maybe we wont ever get to that point, but we will do our best to bring light to as much as possible.
The purpose of our little blogging corner is so much! We wanted our family and friends to share with us in this journey. You all have helped in one way or another and we can’t thank you enough! Sharing the joy in this journey is a little thank you we can give. We also created this blog so we could get help sharing our story. “There’s strength in numbers” and we fully believe in that quote. The more our story is put out there, the more likely our birth mother will find us faster. So, please share as much as possible! 
But most importantly, we created this blog so our incredible birth mother could get to know us and what we were up to on a weekly basis. We want her to feel at peace with the family she is trusting her child with. Our blog isn’t just our journal for our day to day activities but our thoughts and love towards our birth mother. 
So WELCOME! We are The Palmers and we hope we can inspire, lift your spirits, bring tears and excitement as you read from our world. 

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