Hit and Miss Toddler Gift Guide

December 12, 2018




Last Christmas we went a little overboard on gifts for Lemmon (insert awkward emoji face!) It was her first Christmas were we could get her stuff that she would actually play with and I just had way to much fun! Well, in that we had a lot of hits and misses. You live, you learn right 😉 So, I decided to share with you guys what we loved and didn’t love. Then I’ll be sharing what we are getting her this Christmas on tomorrow’s post!


We absolutely LOVE this kitchen! Whenever Lemmon has friends over, they head straight to the play kitchen. It’s very sturdy and absolutely adorable. It still looks brand new and is very easy to wipe down. The only bad thing we could say about it is that it takes a very long time to put together. We set it up the night before Christmas and it probably took my husband 2 hours by himself and then another 2 hours with me helping. So put on your favorite Netflix show and grab some snacks!

2. Dress up

We actually snagged about 4 different ones. This is the cheapest place we found them and grabbed all the ones that were on sale. They actually are great quality too. The only downfall is that Lemmon didn’t really get into dress up till these last few months. She didn’t quite understand the concept, but would wear them here and there. But it’s nice that we have them now and don’t really need to stock up on any of them. We also bought THIS kid clothing rack to hang them all on. It came with a few cute velvet hangers. I love it because she can grab them herself and put them on.

3. Princess Shoes

This one is a tough one because she loves these shoes but they are HUGE and slide everywhere on our wood floors. I did find some recent ones that are more of a flat princess shoes. So I may snag her those. She doesn’t really play with these that much because they don’t stay on and she is always falling with them.


4. Table and Chairs

We get SOOOO many questions about Lemmon’s table and chairs. Hands down the best investment. Her and her cousins love to eat at this little table. It’s super easy to assemble and still looks brand new after a year. My favorite part is that it’s super easy to wipe down and nothing can leave a stain on it. Definitely a big hit!

5. Shape Puzzles

This is such a great learning toy. Lemmon could sit for hours playing with this puzzle. It’s great for their motor skills, colors, counting, etc. The back does have this smaller puzzle to learn fractions, but the pieces were so tiny that I ended up throwing them away. But the large puzzle pieces fit on it as well and she will turn it over and stack them by shape. She caught on to this toy pretty fast and it was so neat to see her little brain work so hard.

6. Vanity

Probably the worst toy we got! HAHA! Lemmon absolutely loves it and sits and does her make up in it. But the mirror broke the moment we put it together so Riley had to duct tape it, haha. Then one of the legs of the vanity broke so that’s tapped as well. It’s just a hot mess! I love the idea of a vanity because she thinks it’s like mommies but definitely don’t do a plastic one like this!


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