How To Pack For A Toddler

October 24, 2017
SuitcasesSteamer (best travel size steamer ever!) Lemmon’s Jumper ,  Shirt , Socks  

I’m finally getting around to posting about how we pack for Lemmonade. I had posted it a while ago on my insta-stories and tons of you seemed to like it. So, I thought I would write a more detailed post.
First things, these suitcases! If you don’t have sturdy, spacious suitcases, get yourself some! The ones I linked are around $100 and are perfect for all of our stuff. I love the mesh zipper because then it separates all of our bags/shoes from the clothes. 
Okay, these quart size bags you can find anywhere. I know you’re probably like “duh, Kashia!” but I did get lots of questions on where to find them and if they were anything specific. Nope, just plain old quart size freezer bags. Here’s the key: you’ll reuse them so don’t throw them out! This “organized packing” would sure get expensive if you kept buying bags over and over. I think these ones in the pictures are on their third round.
Grab a sharpie and start labeling. I label mine #OOTD, pajamas, bathing suits, church clothes, jackets and sweatsuits. But there are so many ways you can go with this. This way it’s easy to grab out an outfit or even know what you’re grabbing for the day. Nothing like making everyone else late because you can’t pick out an outfit for your baby or you can’t find the bottom that goes with the top. Grab one plastic bag and your set. 
Now, I put her bows and shoes in separate bags. Only because she will wear one pair of shoes with three different outfits and same goes for her bows. I also put all of her hair stuff and bath stuff in a separate bags. That way I can just bring the whole bag with me into the bathroom and get it all done. 
I got these bags from when I have bought designer purses or shoes. Those bags come in handy so keep them! 
 Oh, I got many questions about what I do with the dirty clothes. I don’t put them back in their bag till they are clean. I like to do laundry while we are on vacation and then once they are clean I’ll put them back in their individual baggies. I usually find a corner in the closet or room and make a pile of all her dirty clothes. If you’re gone for a quick trip and don’t have time or the resources to do laundry, I suggest bringing more of those designer bags to put them in (or a laundry bag/trash bag) that way you are still able to reuse the freezer bags and they don’t smell like dirty clothes.
This is a game changer, guys! You’ll love it! If you end up doing it and learned some other ways to keep it organized, leave me a comment or email me. I LOVE organizing hahaha.

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