It’s All About Waiting..

June 18, 2016
{Little peak into our home}
Our most asked question right now is “Where are you at with the whole adoption process?” Oh man, I wish there was just one straight answer for this. With adoption you are doing a million things but also waiting. Waiting is always going on with adoption ( If I haven’t learned patience with infertility than I am definitely learning patience now haha) 
Right now we are WAITING (there’s that word) for our home study in a few weeks. Basically, we have our incredible social worker (I haven’t met her yet, but she has been so sweet and patient with all our rookie questions) come to our home for a few hours and just talk with us. She will ask us all sorts of questions about ourselves, our parenting skills, our families, basically it’s like getting a pat down but in the comfort of your own home 😉 She will also take a look around our home to make sure we are clean sanitary people. All of this will tell the agency if we are eligible to be parents. This is the go ahead for birth mom’s to start looking at our profile. 
A lot of people have asked if we are nervous for our home study. Or a lot of people who have had home studies done have told us not to be nervous. But the truth is, we’re not. We are so excited and confident that all will go well! We have been waiting for quite a few years for a baby to come to us, so now that the big test is here, we are ready! 
As we are waiting for our home study to happen, we are filling out paper work, after paper work, after paper work. Guys, it’s  A LOT of paper work. When I first heard about all the paper work we had to fill out I thought “okay! I am just going to take one day and just fill it all out! Get it done!” But boy! It’s exhausting! Maybe I am just a sissy but I answer about 5 questions and I need a break. They are pretty in tense questions. “What are your neighbors going to think when you have a child through adoption?” (If I knew my neighbors that well then it would be an easy questions) “How are you going to explain to others about your adoption” ” What does your family think of you adopting” One word answers just aren’t cutting it. So, I am almost done with all the questions and then it’s on to the legal stuff. Finger prints, background checks, etc. It takes a lot to adopt, guys. But I hear it’s worth it 😉
We are also working our butts off to save every penny we have and others are working their butts off to raise money for our little child. Our hearts have never been so full (Another post on that soon)
A lot of people have asked some questions that we are able to give straight forward answers with. 

Do you guys have a birth mother chosen? No, our paperwork and background check need to be finished first.
Do you guys have an agency picked out? Yes! We already love our agency so much and have heard nothing but amazing things.
Do you guys want a boy or a girl? When you’ve been waiting this long for a baby, you accept whatever you can get. (Riley’s rooting for a house full of boys though)
Can you choose your birth mother? Yes and no. A birth mother will choose us and we will pray to know if her child is meant to be a part of our family or someone else’s. We have the choice to say no.
Are you adopting internationally or domestically? We are adopting domestically (Inside the U.S.)
Do you have names picked out? DUH! Been waiting this long, we have a whole basketball team of names (no we will not be adopting that many!) But we are keeping it between us until we have them in our arms.
Is your nursery set up? Sadly, no. We are saving every penny to adopt and then we will start finding things for the nursery.
We are extremely excited for everything going on. Even though we have been WAITING (see, I told you) for so long and will continue WAITING for a bit longer (hopefully not to long), we have complete faith that our Heavenly Father will place a baby in our home when the time is right.

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  1. I love you so much and can only imagine the journey you have been on, are currently on and will go thru for your family. You are a wonderful woman and I can not wait for your lives to be blessed with a child. Thank you for publicly sharing your process.

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