Lemmon’s Favorite Headbands

July 17, 2017
I get a ton of questions about Lemmon’s headbands and where we get them . I am super picky with headbands for her because of her hair type. There’s a check list for me when I’m looking for a bow. 
Headwraps – Do they stay on? Do they hold a good tie/bow?
Big headbands – Are they stretchy? Is the bow separate from the headband? (Major plus) Does the bow hold up?
Small headbands – Is the band white or the color of the bow? (I don’t like the mesh color/fabric) Can the bow stay in one spot or does it flip?
I love putting her in thick headbands and wraps because it makes her hair nice and full looking and girlfriend can rock it! All of these ones stay in really good!
Also, I get a lot of questions on how she doesn’t pull them off all the time. She has her days but for the most part she doesn’t care they are there. I’ve had her wear a bow from day one and only take them off at night or Sundays after church. The moment she realized there was something on her head I would just keep moving her hand away. After about a day or two of that, she didn’t care and forgot. It’s just about making it a habit of wearing one, I think, that gets her not to care about it. C
Click on the number to see where each bow is from!
*Disclaimer : Since I do have a hard time finding bows for Lemmon, I make about 50% of the bows you see on our IG. 

1 (love the trim on it!) /
  2 (favorite headwraps and stay in so nicely! / 
3  (LOVE these smaller bows because they hold their spot) / 
4 (Favorite bow we own! love the print) / 
5  (Obsessed with these because you can make the bow smaller) /
  6 (Has every color and great to throw in for a simple outfit or bathing suit)

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