Planning For an Adoption

December 15, 2019

I am a HUGE planner! Like 5 year plan “planner” haha. When it came to Lemmon’s adoption, I had filled out our papers exactly 1 year before submitting them. With Honey’s adoption, Riley and I talked about it for a few months and then I planned a few months before we put the word out that we were looking to adopt.

I get a lot of questions of where to start with adoption. I did a blog post with Harmony Planner last year on this topic and this year I am working with Harmony Planner again to share how to plan for an adoption. Her planners are so thought out that she didn’t leave one idea out on how to stay organized throughout the year. I’ll share a peak inside her planners to show you how each day is organized.

  1. Finances

This is probably the most asked question I get with adoption. How to finance an adoption. There are so many ways to fund raise, which you can look at my fundraiser post here. But plan ahead! Adoption isn’t cheap. If you’re going with an agency, know their fees from the start of the adoption to the end. If you are going private, set a side a specific amount for your birth mom, even if she doesn’t accept the money, it is there as back up! Once you pick out your lawyer, know their fees. Then of course any court fees and social worker fees.

The Harmony Planner has a specific spot for your finances to stay organized. Write out each thing you will be paying for and then check them off as you go.

2. Private vs Agency

Research as much as you can on which option is best for you and your family. Each are very different. Ask other adoptive couples who have been in these situations about their experiences. Call agencies, talk to private lawyers. Way out the pros and cons. Don’t research just one because later on you may regret this choice.

In the back of the Harmony Planner, she has designed extra note room. Utilize this! Write down each of your questions, make check lists, jot down any good advice.

3. Month to Month Goals

My favorite part about “Adoption Goals” Each month will bring something new. Home Studies, adoption classes, finger prints & background checks. You get the idea 😉 Make monthly goals of when you want to get them done by. Do not cram everything into one month! Adoption is stressful enough, you don’t want to feel rushed to do everything at once (unless you’re like Lemmon’s adoption and decide to surprise us 2 weeks after turning in our papers haha!)

The Harmony Planner has goals for each month and down to the day! Also, don’t let your day to day stuff be forgotten. Cleaning, cooking, taking care of yourself! She has provided goals for those as well on each day. At the end of the month, the planner has you reflect on your monthly goals. This is a great time to reavulate your goals and possibly push them to the next month. That’s okay! Take your time!

I highly recommend that you are very organized when it comes to your adoption. You’re dealing with legal and financial things that can change your adoption so quickly. My Harmony Planner was a life savor during the time when my mind was in jumbles! Now, it’s so exciting to look back on all the goals we made and everything we accomplished with the girls adoption!

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