June 9, 2016
Riley and I are honestly speechless at everyone who has reached out to us or who has shared our story on their own social media sites and who have already donated to our adoption goal! I was telling Riley that I never understood when people said they couldn’t believe the response they had received from sharing something so near to their heart, until now. I mean, I knew we had people who loved and cared for us, but to see how many just blew us away! I have shed so many tears of hope, gratitude and just pure happiness in the last 24 hours. Your love and support mean the world to us! 

We are so excited that we were able to raise enough of our own for our Home Study in a few weeks. We are still continuing to save and start all of our fundraising events! On the side bar of our blog we have our YouCaring Fundraiser . We would appreciate any support through that (it will continue staying up till we have hit our goal.) If you don’t want to donate through YouCaring and donate directly to us, you can email me at Any donations will be logged into our YouCaring Fundraiser so you can be excited with us in reaching our goal! 
**Thank you SO much to everyone who has already donated through YouCaring**
My Sister (who is pregnant and busy with an 18 month old) has so graciously volunteered to put an instagram auction together. We would love any donations of any kind. Etsy shops, personal services (lessons, haircuts, lawn mowing) We are accepting personal service in California and Utah. The Instagram auction will go live July 2nd. If you or anyone you know would like to donate please email me at Anyone and everyone are able to bid on the items. We’ve already had a few donations and let me tell you, they are GOOD!
We have a few more fundraisers that are in the works that we will be announcing very soon. I am so excited and grateful for the ladies who have approached us with them! 
We know things maybe tight with you and/or your families. Your love and support is all we need! We do ask that you pray for us and our birth mother. Prayer is just as important as all this money being donated and we can’t do without it.

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