The Truth About Adoption

August 10, 2016

The truth about adoption… 

It’s hard, painful, exhausting, soul-searching, emotional, raw. 
But with all those tough feelings, 
I would do it over and over again. 
Because it’s our answer, a testimony builder, a time when the veil is so thin, love, an answer to MANY prayers, it’s happiness, it’s a time to grow and become. 
A lot of people have told us that they didn’t know there was so many failed adoptions to get to that one “YES!” Most adoptive families don’t like to talk about all those failed times. It’s when all those raw feelings of adoption surface. But it does happen. And it happens a lot. We don’t like to talk about our time in Indiana fighting for the twins, but we do like to talk about all the things we learned and BECAME. I wish it was as simple as we all think it is. Present our profile to the birth mom, the birth mom falls in love with us, baby is born, baby is placed in our arms and we go home. But honestly, it wouldn’t provide a chance for us to grow and become. So yes, adoptions fail, birth moms second guess their decision, adoptive families back out but it’s still oddly the most perfect plan for some of us. 
So, where are we at with the adoption process… We are being patient. That’s where we are. 

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  1. tiffharston says:

    Hugs Kashia! The emotions and roller coaster of infertility and adoption are so raw and strong. Keep up your faith and positive attitude. And let yourself cry. It is all so hard!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, and I am so happy for you. I found your blog while scanning through Instagram and feel compelled to comment because my husband and I are adopting and had a failed adoption in April. We are back in the pool of waiting families and hoping "the call" comes soon!

    You are absolutely right that these experiences allow us to grow. Our struggles and grief have changed me in ways I never expected – for the better.

    I wish your family the best!


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