What I Packed In My Carry-On For An International Flight

May 3, 2021

Fun Fact: I’ve been to Mexico more times then I can count but have never flown there! Growing up, we lived so close to the border that it was just a quick car ride over. Or if we wanted to go further into Mexico, we would just take a cruise ship. So, this was definitely a new experience for me to fly over an make sure I had things to keep me busy on the plane ride. From Utah to Mexico it’s about a 4.5 hr flight and it flew by with everything I needed to get done.

I had done a little bit of research on what to make sure I had in my carry-on and also what not to bring. No one likes to carry around a tote or suitcase that is full of random modge podge of stuff and it just being so heavy and uncomfortable to hold. I can say that I used EVERYTHING that was in my tote!

Tote You’ll want a bigger tote to hold everything. I love this one because it’s easy to wipe down, classic and held everything + some if I needed it. It has a few different compartments on the side which was great for my passport, medicine and other random stuff.

Lap Top Case + Charger Holder: I ordered this last minute because I realized I didn’t want my I Pad and computer to be floating around in my bag. I’m so glad I did! It came with a smaller case to hold all my chargers (it fits my phone charger, lap top charger plus a set of aux cord headphones in case I wanted to watch one of the planes shows) The inside of both are super soft to protect your electronics and it’s pretty thin (but protective) so you don’t have this bulky case in your tote.

**Rye and I did buy wifi on the plane so we could finish up some work before we landed and I am so glad I did! I was able to finish 90% of my work, plus check up on a few things. Highly recommend downloading any books or movies before hand. I read started a sample book and LOVED it but finished the sample part as soon as we landed, thank goodness! I ended up buying it once we were connected to wifi on the ground.

Phone Tripod: Coolest gadget ever! I did not want to bring my huge DSLR camera but knew I wanted pictures of Rye and I quite often on this trip and sometimes there aren’t people around to take them for you. We actually used this tripod to take the picture I posted of us on my instagram of us in the airport. You literally put your phone in the tripod, turn on the remote and connect it to blue tooth and snap away! It was so easy to use and great because you get to put the camera where you want it, rather then showing someone the angel you’re looking for.

Portable Phone Charger: HUGE lifesaver! My phone was dying quick by the time we were half way through the plane ride. Just from answering emails on the car, taking videos + pictures, checking IG 😆. This charger is thin, comes in a protective case and charges your phone so quickly and even holds a long charge itself!

Wallet: Never leave your wallet in your checked bag! I remember my mom used to get so frustrated because they would leave a note in her checked bag that they went through it for security reasons. She could never tell if something was missing and by the time she could, it was to late. I love this wallet because it’s thin, bright (easy to find) and can hold so much!

Passport Holder: Palmer was making fun of me for ordering this (what, I was excited to have my first passport 😂) but it definitely came in handy. It has a spot for your passport, license + cards, and your boarding pass. I loved that I didn’t have to pull everything out individually (with international flights, you show them your passport and everything else quite a bit) Everything was in one place and I didn’t have to go digging for them.

Cosmetic Bag: This actually carried all my mixhers + crystal lights. These tiny pouches are perfect for medicines, drink mixes, or even lipsticks. Again, you don’t want stuff just floating in your bag and having to dig for them.

Blue Light Glasses: If you know you’re going to be on any electronics while traveling, these are a must! I wore mine the whole entire plane ride because I was either on my computer or reading on my Ipad and I didn’t get one single headache. You definitely don’t want to be getting any headaches while traveling!

Snacks: Now with covid, snacks and drinks are limited. I get pretty anxious and motion sickness so I always grab a salty snack before take off so I can settle my stomach during the flight. I also grab some water + gingerale before hand as well.

Mask: No explanation here 😆 I love these ones because they are disposable but easy to breath in.

Sunglasses: As soon as you get out of the airport, trust me, you’ll want a pair of sunglasses. It is so bright and your eyes are not used to it when you’ve been on a plane for the last few hours. Again, you don’t want any headaches happening! I actually brought a few of these exact pairs. Not only are they cute but they are cheap so if you loose them or they break, it’s not a big deal to replace them. I brought these in a few different colors and then these as well. They both are my absolute favorite!

Motion Sickness Patches: Like I said earlier, I get really bad motion sickness + anxiety. Dramamine doesn’t do it for me and neither does anything that’s holistic. I really like these patches because you can’t even tell they are there, plus the only side affect I get is dry mouth. ** You do need a prescription for these** Also, make sure you keep all extras in your carry on, you don’t know if they are going to fall off or if you go a faulty one.

Pens: Before you land internationally, you have to fill out a customs form. The airline does not provide pens and you don’t want to be asking around for one. I brought a couple just in case.

Miscellaneous: My lipstick + liner. Chapstick, my absolute favorite one! Medicine, for those headaches that you are trying to avoid 😉

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