What’s In My Bag?

June 30, 2018


Lily Jade Bag
I love seeing what others have in their bags. It gives me ides of what I need to have in my bag and it kinda helps you get to know that person a little more too 😉 Here’s the break down on what’s inside our bag!
Lily Jade Bag
This is actually referred to as a purse, not a diaper bag. Now that Lemmon is getting older I wanted something that looked more like a purse and not a diaper bag but still had a compartments for all our stuff. I am a super organized person and need my purses to be organized and things not just flying around. This purse has 6 different pockets and a very big center. It also has over the shoulder straps then a detachable strap that can be used as a back pack or cross body or a longer purse strap. I love it!
Diapers/Wipes Bag
I snagged this cute rose gold bag from Old Navy when Lemmon was a few weeks old. (I’m linking a few other ones that are so cheap!) Lily Jade has some cute ones but I already had this one and it’s been great. I like to keep those things together so it’s just easy to grab and go when she needs to be changed. Rather then taking the whole diaper bag with us. 
I ALWAYS have a water bottle for Lemmon and myself in our bag. I’ve got Lemmon hooked on water and want to keep it that way. Her water bottle is awesome! It doesn’t leak and she knows how to open and close it on her own. Plus it has a little compartment for snacks at the top. I always have snacks on hand too. She loves these little apple sauce packets. They are easy to grab and go and she doesn’t need my assistance to eat them. And of course fishies. You always need fishies 😉 I also usually throw a granola bar for myself in there too.
Of course the essentials! I’ve talked about these keychains before. They are so cute and easy to find because they stand out. I have the larger size and it’s HUGE. I got the smaller size one for gifts for my girlfriends and loved that one more. So I snagged one for myself and love it! 
I always have chapstick on hand. Or as Lemmon calls it “Pretties”. Then of course lotion for myself and Lemmon. She needs special lotion so I always carry a travel size one for her in my bag. It’s great if she has a bum rash too. And of course mints and tissues. Always carry tissues. You may think a wipe will be good to wipe their nose, but it’s not! It can dry their skin out and give them a rash. It’s so sad. So go snag a pack of travel size tissues and store them in your bag. Babies skin is so sensitive and needs to be treated a little different then ours.
** I used to carry a change of clothes for Lemmon. But now that she is older, it’s rare she has blow outs of any kind. But if you have a newborn-12 month old, definitely get one of those bags and throw some clothes in there.

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