10 Things To Do With Your Kids For Spring

February 24, 2021


We are all itching to get some Vitamin D and get those winter wiggles out! At least I know my kids are (and myself!) I know things are still not back to normal yet or we may not ready be ready to venture out to high traffic areas, so I came up with 10 things that you can easily do with you and the kids to start feeling like summer is just around the corner!


We all know the benefits of getting out and going on a walk. Not only are you getting some fresh air but you are getting in a quick workout and your kids are able to get their energy out (double points if you hit those hills!) I know this is a “duh” activity, but make it fun! Play a game of I spy, see how many wildlife you can spot out, or Lemmon’s favorite – saying hi to people and seeing how many say hi back or put a smile on their face. That one is my personal favorite.

Flower Pressing

This is also a great activity to get some quick wiggles out. Go outside and pick some wild flowers (let’s make sure we aren’t picking our neighbors gorgeous tulips though).Grab some heavy books and stick the flowers in them. After a few hours your flowers will be nice and pressed and ready to be put on paper to decorate or when I was little, we would use them as bookmarks.

Chalk Art

What kid doesn’t love chalk?! I know that there are so many fun chalk pieces out there right now. And it’s super affordable too! Make some fun murals, do a fun hopscotch game, play hangman (a great way to practice spelling)

Bird Feeders

Last spring, we were living with my in-laws while our house was being built. They had a feeder in front of their kitchen window and the girls loved sitting and watching the birds come by and grab a treat. Just grab a toilet paper roll and some seeds. Roll the toilet paper roll in honey and then the seeds, grab some string and hang it from your window. It’s such a fun activity for your kids and a great opportunity to teach them about birds and what they eat.

Baby Animal Watching

Spring is the perfect time to go see those newborn baby animals. I know this is more of a group activity, but since farms are outside, it’s the perfect place to social distance! We live around lots of farms and my girls love pointing out all the cute animals and each time I’ve tried to make it a point to teach them something simple about those animals. Going to see the newborn animals is a great opportunity to teach your kids on what that specific animal is called at birth, or how they get their milk/food.

Here are a few other fun spring activities

Plant A Garden

Puddle Jumping (in your London Littles of course) & Hot Cocoa afterwards

DIY Kites

Collecting Feathers and then googling which feather belongs to what bird.

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