August 3, 2021

These are a few of our tried and true items! We are hair obsessors over here 😆 and love trying new things but when we find something that is amazing, we stick with it! We will be sharing more of our favorites over the next little bit, but here are why we love these particular five!

1. Hair Bonnet:

This is a great way to keep moisture locked in, frizz not out of control and styles staying put! The benefits for wearing a silk bonnet are soooo good! Don’t just think you have to have curly hair to have to wear this. We sometimes have honey wear it too since her hair is so soft that breakage is more common for her. Lemmon has a few of these exact ones because they are easy to put on and stay in place!

2. Boar Bristle Brush:

Lemmon calls this her “soft” brush because the bristles are so much softer on her scalp then a regular brush. This is what i use to get her edges so smooth and to take it out any frizz in her styles. I use this as my very last brush when I’m styling her hair.

3. Teasing Comb:

I only use the end of these to get the perfect straight lines on their hair. The edge is pointy enough to allow you to get those straight lines while not adding anymore frizz

4. Gimme Hair Ties:

These are a MUST in our house! We have back up for our back ups because they are that good! You can get different sizes and lengths and colors as well! They don’t snag your hair, or leave a huge indent and don’t pull at our hair and the best part is they don’t get tangled up in their hair where you’re having to cut them out every night. Highly recommend these! (This is what I use to get my perky big pony tails)

5. EZ Detangling Brush:

I’ve tried so many different washing brushes on Lemmon’s hair and this one is by far the best! I will warn you that there is a learning curve! I tried it once and got so frustrated that I put it under the sink for a couple of weeks. I’m so grateful I grabbed it back out and was more patient with myself. This brush you have to brush vertical with and keep the brush standing up. We like to keep the bar hooked on the back since Lemmon’s hair is so thick. This is the only brush that doesn’t pull her hair out in clumps and hurt her scalp.

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