7 Tips For How I Stay Motivated During Winter

December 15, 2018

During the winter months it can get so hard to stay motivated to be healthy and workout. The saying “summer bodies are made in the winter.” is so true! I am a huge believer on staying healthy all the time. Now, I don’t mean not eating ANY treats or having an off eating day. I am all about my chocolate and in-in-out fries 😉 but what I do mean is that you need to be consistent so when you are wanting to slip into that cute bathing suit you’re not hurrying to loose 5 lbs in 3 days! Plus, being healthy and working out just makes you happy! Am I right 😉 So here are a few things that have really helped me to stay motivated during winter.

1. Drink Lots Of Liquids

I always have this CUP right next time. It keeps my water cold and I love that! I am actually thinking of buying two more so I can have one in each house haha. I love water but I do have my days where I just want something sweet. I don’t drink soda and I don’t keep juice in the house (my husband is diabetic) So I love this Naked Juices to keep on hand. Lemmon is just as obsessed with them too. There is no added sugars or preservatives and gives you a ton of yummy fruits and veggies.

2. Get lots of rest/ Wake Up Early

I am all about sleep. I need at least 7.5-8 hrs of sleep to feel great the next day. Go to bed at a decent hour. Being well rested makes me feel so much more energized the next day. But I love being an early worm. For about a year I was getting up before Lemmon so I could have some me time. I would read, maybe clean up here and there, finish a blog post. But now Lemmon wakes up just as early as I do, so I try to include her in all of that as well. I love getting up early and getting things done right away! I feel a lot more accomplished when I just want to sit down and relax around noon.

3. One workout a day

I try to make it to the gym everyday. But there are things that come up or to be honest, sometimes I am just not wanting to go. So, if I don’t go to the gym then I do something else at home. We have our proform treadmill and I love it! And we also just got another proform machine that I am excited to share more about later. But if I don’t go to the gym that day then I make sure to park further from the store, or eat healthier that day, or play more with Lemmon, or during summer go on a walk.

4. Portion Control

Nothing makes you feel more blah then over eating. I am all about a little here, a little there. If I know I had a great workout that day then I will have a couple more bites of a treat, but if I know I’ve been slacking in the working out category then maybe just one bite of that treat will do. Even normal foods, I hate feeling like you can roll me right out of here. We are very blessed to know food will always be there and we can save some for later. We don’t have to stuff ourselves now.

5. Read a good book

This one has been helping my mind to stay healthy, a lot! I’ve been reading this book and have this book on my christmas list. I love reading books that motivate me to do better and be better. It helps me refocus and set goals. I love reading right before I go to bed to help me unwind. I am not a fan of reading on my phone because 1. the bright lights can still keep your mind awake and 2. to much temptation to just check instagram one last time. I buy most of my books of amazon, they have such great deals!

6. Leave the house at least once

It seriously is so true when they say fresh air will help you. I notice I get more irritated and grouchy when I’ve been stuck inside all day. Being out in the open, no clutter or to do list in your face, is seriously such a “breath of fresh air” to your mind. It’s really helped me mentally to get up and go. Even if it’s just to grab the mail or to walk across the street to my neighbors house.

7. Have A Schedule

I am a big schedule person. I know some people aren’t, but when you have a set time for specific things (i.e. gym, breakfast, cleaning) then you know they will get done and you will feel more accomplished. We always go to the gym right when their daycare opens. Lemmon loves this schedule because it gives her something to look forward to. Everyday the schedule is different and I usually map it out in my mind the night before. But it’s helped me to not feel so overwhelmed and more like I got a hold on things.

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