Lemmon’s First Birthday

August 16, 2017

Happy first birthday to The Squeeze!! Everyone said the time would fly by, but it flew by even faster then what I thought. I feel like Riley and I were just driving to Las Vegas to catch a last minute flight and sleeping in the JFK airport for 8 hours to get to New Orleans. 
I’ll never forget the day we saw her first. Or when I held her for the first time. Or when we drove back to our hotel as a family of 3. 
Riley said something that had me really thinking a few weeks ago. “You may not be able to relate to a woman who has given birth or who has been pregnant. But you have the experience of adoption that most do not have.” All 3 of us have this incredible story and experience that is so dear to our hearts and is a very rare opportunity for many. I love adoption. I love what it has done and will do for my family. I love my sweet Lemmon for accepting two birth parents in the life before. I love our strong birth mom who made the most selfless decision. I love adoption and am proud of it!

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