Lemmon’s Hair Products

January 7, 2019

We are always trying out new products for Lemmon’s hair but these are the ones that have stuck around or we keep going back to. Now, please remember, what may work on her hair, may not work on yours and vice versa. I know there are some people who don’t like some of these products and that is totally fine, we just happen to love them but are always open to hearing what other products you like!

Cantu Conditioner: We LOVE this product! We have tried a few other conditioners but this one we keep going back to. It is super hydrating for her hair and gets through those tangles so easily! Plus it doesn’t hurt that it is super cheap!

Jamaican Castro Oil: A youtuber recommended this to keep her scalp hydrated. Then I was talking to Lemmon’s birth mom about how Lemmon’s cradle cap was having trouble catching up. She said an oil would help and it sure has! We bought these little syringe bottles and that helps contribute it through the dry spots. This is a holy grail item for Lemmon!

Shea Moisturizer Gel: We have tried a few different gels for when we do pony tails on Lem and nothing would hold it down without making it crusty. We love this gel and love that it’s a brown color to blend in with her hair.

Indian Healing Clay: We have only used this a couple times but loved the results. It strips her hair of any product buildup, which happens a lot! The first time I used it, we went shopping after we rinsed and styled it and an African American woman stopped me asking how Lemmon’s hair looked so healthy and bouncy. Talk about this biggest compliment of my life! Haha! But really, this stuff is amazing. I mixed it with apple cider vinegar. Combed it through her hair, wrapped it in saran wrap, put her bonnet on and had her take her 2.5 hour nap. I then rinsed it and styled it like normal. Her curls cam to life!

Kinky Curl: Again, a youtuber swore on this and I immediately went out and bought it. It is a little pricey but it lasts you a long time. I use this to make her curls more defined without giving her that crunchy look that gel gives. This is also a holy grail product!

Cantu Curl Creme: We also have tried other cremes but keep going back to this one. A little goes a long way, it dries and sets itself quickly. And gives her hair that extra moisture. I wouldn’t call this a holy grail item just because we are up to trying out different cremes.

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