Lemmon’s Hair Q&A

January 2, 2021

I am so excited to be sharing what I have learned from doing Lemmon’s hair over the past 4 years! It’s definitely been a learning experience for both her and I and we are still continuing educating ourselves on what is best for her hair type.

If you’re new here, I used to do hair for almost 10 years. So, I definitely love learning new techniques and trying out different styles on her. That being said, you do not need any experience in doing hair if you are working with a different hair type. Just patience 😉 and lots of product! Just remember, you are trying and this type of hair takes a lot of learning (I’ve had mama’s of 30+ year old children say that they still are learning!) give yourself grace and just be proud of yourself for trying to make it the best experience for both you and your baby!

Where do you go to learn more about hair care and styles?

I love learning off of instagram (IGTV/REELS/PICTURES) I love learning techniques from @reagansanai . Look up hashtags (curly hair, blackgirlhair, etc) and then you can ‘save’ them in a folder on your instagram. I love doing this because then I can go back and look up that style or even that account. To learn how to do different styles, I actually watch multiple youtube videos for one specific style and then combine the techniques. This way I can do what I am most comfortable with and my strengths. I do love this video that teaches twist outs

How do you train her to sleep in a bonnet and leave it on?

We started Lemmon in her first bonnet at about 18 months. Of course, the first week or so she would try and take it off but we were consistent on putting it back on and telling her the reasons for wearing it. We started with this bonnet , which I think helped because it ties on rather then just slips on. Once she got the hang of that bonnet, we moved onto this one. We have about 4-5 of these in different colors and LOVE them. The key to anything with a toddler is consistency. They’ll get the hint after a few tries 😉 Also, if your baby is still taking them off, use these pillow cases for backup. We use both the bonnet and silk pillow case because there’s great benefits with each of them (The whole family actually sleeps on those pillow cases)

Do you alternate Reagan Sanai with another product?

Yes! This helps her hair not get used to one particular line. We alternate between Reagan Sanai and Hairitage . We love both of these lines and the benefits they offer!

Is there a style you really want to learn to do on her hair?

There are so many but I really want to perfect my crown braids and dutch braids on her. She has SOOOO much hair that it takes a lot of time to get it nice and tight, which means I need to go faster so Lemmon won’t get antsy with me haha 😉

How do you keep her curls in after she sleeps through the night?

Of course the bonnet and pillowcase help a ton! But we also put her hair in loose “ponies” every night. This helps with them getting tangled and frizzing up. Make sure they are loose and the more ponies you put in the better. But sometimes we are just so tired and throw in about 3-4 ponies and it gets the job done. Then of course in the morning time, refresh with water (we love this spray bottle) and oils/leave ins and her curls should be looking brand new!

Have you considered giving her a hairstyle with beads or barrettes or braids?

You’d be surprised at how much we get this question! We allow Lemmon to choose how she wants to style her hair since well, it’s her’s and it represents a big part of who she is. We have shown her braids/beads multiple times and try our best to point them out when we see them. She LOVES them but always declines when we ask her if she wants them. Every morning I ask her how she wants her hair and she’ll choose or tell me that I can. I love it because she knows what she wants and loves how it looks 🙂

How often do you wash her hair?

Once a week. It’s pretty awesome but A LOT of work. Now, don’t get that mixed up with it being hard. Her hair is not hard to do, just a lot of work. So we designate a few hours to get it done. Washing takes about 30 minutes and then if we are doing twist outs or a different protective style then add on another hour and 30 minutes. If we are just doing poofs or a pony then about 30 minutes (adding product, brushing through)

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