My Best Of 2017

January 12, 2018
Foundation: I have super oily skin so I need a foundation that will stay put! I’ve tried bare minerals for a bit, then Kat Von D but nothing seemed to stay put all day or my skin got used to it after a few weeks and it wouldn’t stick. This foundation is incredible! My skin looks so smooth, I don’t feel like I’m oily, and it stays put!! 
Best Gym Shoes: I have 5 pairs of these (black, hot pink, blush pink, grey and neon yellow). They are the comfiest gym shoe and super cute too! I don’t wear them for my runs but do wear them for the gym and my High Fitness classes.
Lip Scrub: I’ve posted about this lip scrub on my insta-stories a ton! It seriously is that good! I live in a climate where it’s super dry and my lips definitely feel it. I put this on every morning and night and my lips feel so smooth and my lipstick/stains go on so much better! It’s super cheap so I always have 3-4 on hand.
Best Blanket: I mentioned these blankets on Lemmon’s Best of 2017.  They are sooo comfy and HUGE! Whenever we have guests over they fit over who gets our Minky’s haha. We have 2 monster ones but I’m thinking we are needing a couple more!

Deodorant: Kay, this is a little expensive but honestly, the only deodorant that works. I’ve tried EVERYTHING (even prescription deodorant!) and nothing seemed to hold all day. Try it before you say it’s not worth it! I promise you will love it!
Face Serum: I started seeing an esthetician about a year ago to get my skin looking better in this dry climate and because I know with age your skin only gets worse. She recommended a serum to start out with and with oily skin I thought that it would make it worse! WRONG! It’s one of the best things to happen to my skin. It has actually calmed down the oiliness and made it softer. I love his products because they are super light and you don’t feel caked on
Setting Powder: Again, I used a few setting powders but after a few weeks my skin got used to them and it stopped working. I LOVE this setting powder. My skin looks so matte (which is crazy with oily skin).

Blow-Dryer: I didn’t get this till the end of the year but wish I had it sooner! I am more of a basic hair-tools girl but I really am trying to grow my hair back out and healthy. I have super thick course hair and this blow dryer makes my hair look so smooth and silky. I really thought it was just a trendy brand but don’t smoosh it till you try it! It’s powerful but not like your basic blow-dryer. It doesn’t make your hair look like a fro after your done. I am thinking of buying their curling irons and straightener too!
Water Bottle: Riley got me this water bottle a couple years ago and then got me the smaller one for Christmas. It keeps your water super cold and is the perfect size for your car and diaper bag. I think I have 3 of them now, which is awesome because I can leave them around the house to remind me to drink more water!
Toothbrush: I get tons of questions on how I get my teeth so white and this is my magic wand! I used whitening strips in high school but they made my teeth so sensitive so I stopped. Riley got us these toothbrushes about a year ago  (He always knows the best stuff ha!) and I noticed such a difference about 3-4 months into it. There is a whitening setting, a sensitive setting and normal setting. I always keep mine on whitening. Again, an investment but better then having sensitive teeth from the strips!

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