Toddler Treat

June 18, 2018



Lemmon isn’t the pickiest eater but she is a toddler. Which means eating her veggies and sometimes fruits is a battle. Little Spoon reached out to me for their #FirstThousandDays campaign to try out their 100% organic baby blends. Lemmon knows when she sees baby food and it’s a no go for her. She’s way to cool for that stuff 😉 So, I hid it in a smoothie for her 🙂 
I blended it with a cup of almond milk and one baby blend and she was hooked! She got something cool and delicious and I got her to eat some fruits and veggies. Win, Win, right 😉 I am super picky what we keep in the house because I know I have no control over what she eats outside of our house at friends and families homes. Little Spoon uses over 80 organic ingredients, it’s delivered straight to your door in a cooler and is designed to go with your child’s age milestones. We love it and love that Lemmon can still have it now, in a “big girl” smoothie!

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