We Chose This

June 30, 2016
A couple weeks ago Riley and I were driving to the temple and I told him that I was having a hard time when people found out about our story because they would say “Oh wow! I couldn’t go through any of that!” And I wanted to tell them “And you think I can? You think I chose this?!” I then kinda stopped in the middle of my sentence and Riley just laughed (He already knew the answer) I did choose this! I chose this life and all these trials before I came to this life.  I chose infertility.
I was able to have some much needed pondering time in the temple. I chose this life with the trial of infertility because I knew I could survive it with the help of my Heavenly Father. I chose this trial because I knew it would help me become more like my savior.  I sometimes will get a glimpse on possibly why I chose this trial. It definitely has been a hard one, but one that has broken me down and molded me into something better. Yes, sometimes I wonder why I didn’t choose the trial of eating to many cheez-its or the trial of playing to much Zelda  😉 but I guess I wanted a little more of a challenge. 
A friend recently made the comment that everything seems to be falling into place with our adoption. It brought me to tears because she was right and all I could see at the time was all the things that were stressing me out and giving me anxiety. Our adoption couldn’t go any smoother. Our agency has been so quick and supportive. Our documents and paper work has come together perfectly. Our insurance is being very generous. We have had so many incredible friends and family serve us during this time. Our adoption is going perfectly. In Riley’s words: “This is going a lot faster then I was planning!” 
We are in complete awe of seeing how the Lord’s hand has played out in this process. It’s been such a sacred experience to see the face of Christ in those serving us. 

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